Employee Stock Option Plan(ESOP)

Employee Stock Option Plan

Employee Stock Option Plan or ESOP is a process by which the employees are rewarded with the ownership stake in the company by way of issue of shares. This is done with the object of motivating employees to contribute to the growth and profitability of the company. By subscribing to the Company’s shares employees will have a sense of belongingness and will have the opportunity to participate in the wealth creation of the Company. An ESOP is effected through passing Special Resolution of Members in General Meeting.

Our Package Includes

  • Grant Notice
    Document granting employees the option to purchase the shares
  • Options Agreement
    ESOP Agreement provides ESOP purchase price, ESOP holding/ vesting period and other terms
  • Options Plan
    Creation of the master document for the ESOP
  • Assistance for Business Valuation
    Getting a merchant banker to value your business
  • ESOP Allotment & Accounting
    We will record ESOP issue and keep all secretarial records up to date
  • Benefits of Stock Option:
    • Hire Star Employees
    • Reward and Retain High Performing Employees
    • Retain Talent for Long Time


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