Private Company to Public Company

Private Company to Public Company

Conversion of Private Limited Company into Public Limited Company involves alteration of article of association of Private Company u/s 14 which cannot be done without passing special resolution of Shareholders in the General Meeting.


  • Pass a board resolution to get the in-principal approval of Directors for conversion of a Private company into a public company by altering the AOA.
  • Issue Notice of the Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM) to all Members, Directors and the Auditors of the Company.
  • Holding of Extra Ordinary General Meeting and passing of Special Resolution.
  • The copy of special resolution along with the prescribed documents to be filed in form MGT.14 within 30 days of passing special resolution.
  • An Application for conversion of a Private company into a Public company is required to be filed in e-Form INC.27 to the ROC.
  • Issue of fresh Certificate of Incorporation.

Documents Required 

  • Copy of Board Resolution and Special Resolution
  • Altered AoA and MoA


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