Trademark means either an identifiable mark, word, design, phrase or symbol or mix of that denotes a specific product or service and legally differentiates it from all other products. Also, Trademarks provide legal protection to any brand assets such as logo, words, numbers, device and even slogan. Such brand assets can be trademarked in India. Trademark registration can effectively provide legal recourse to your brand assets; if it gets copied or used by anyone than other than you, (the trademark owner).

Registration Process Trademark Are As Follows:

  • Trademark Applicaton Peparation
    Our Trademark Expert will prepare the trademark application for your business based on your requirements and information. We will prepare your application based on the information provided.
  • Trademark Filing
    When, the trademark application prepared and signed by you, we can file it with the Trademark Registrar immediately. Once, the application is filed with the Registrar you can start using the TM symbol.
  • Trademark Registration
    After, the trademark application filing with the Registrar, Process of application starts.

Trademark Search

We make very sure that Your trademark application is at no point rejected due to similarity to other trademarks. Our advisory services on patent and trademark teach you: best practices to avoid trademark infringement. Thus, reducing hassle of applying and going through trademark registration process once more. Filing and Registration of the Trademark NurtureLabz will help businesses acquire exclusive legal rights over your Trademark and help you protect it.

Our key services here include –

  • Filing and Registration of Trademark
  • Preparing response to the Office Actions
  • Filing Opposition (If needed)
  • Replying To Each Opposition
  • Attending Hearings If When Required
  • Registration of Trademark

We provide detailed reports showing similar trademarks appearing inside the trademark registry, So that our clients get their strategic branding decisions right. We also offer efficient online registration services and collaborations with our global partners to help clients register their logo, etc. internationally

Trademark Renewal and Watch

All Trademarks has to be renewed once every 10 years. Non-renewal can result in the removal of the Trademark from the register.
Our experts proactive track your renewal deadlines, drafting instruction letters and forwarding it to concerned departments to make sure that your Trademark ownership is yours to own.
We protect your Trademark from being infringed at all times by monitoring opposition, Trademark journals and taking the right steps in case a similar Trademark makes an appearance.


Startup Friendly

Individual attention and single point of contact help us register 1000 plus businesses and its counting.

Satisfied Clients

We strive to achieve total client satisfaction by delivering quality services in professional and time bound manner

Never Miss Deadline Approach

We are committed to meet deadline there by saving your money getting wasted by paying penalties.